Minecraft Python coordinates

Using setBlock() to place blocks requires some attention.
Blocks are placed at Integer locations. You may pass a floating point value to the function, but it is converted to integer.
It is the converting to integer which may aggravate you:
The function int(x + dx) does not necessarily return the same value as int(x) + int(dx). If you are placing blocks around the origin (0,y,0), any -1 > dx < 1 will be truncated to 0. However, away from the origin, say x = 14, x – 0.5 will go to 13, where x + 0.5 will go to 14.
I assume your x and z will be integers already, so make dx and dz integers before you add them to x and z.
setBlock(x+int(dx), y, z+int(dz), 0)